Sunday, September 18, 2011

Self publishing

So I decided to go the self publishing route! After some research and changing my mind a bunch of times, I settled on Amazon's Create Space. In my opinion, they are not the easiest to work with, but they do offer a lot of assistance in the form of tutorials and classes, as well as a community where you can ask questions and share ideas with other writers.

I started with the idea that I would have a small budget for this project and once this amount is determined, I will need to make it work without going over the budget. As I chose from the publishing packages and options, I would make a decision only to change my mind again when I learned of something else that we just had to have! This would bring us over our budget again.

To keep this project within the budget, I will need to learn how to do much of the work myself. This was not the easy way, but it has been quite a learning experience and I feel pretty good after I learn something new - you know that feeling you get when you can look back and remember how you knew nothing or very little of a subject, maybe a new class you are starting, or a do-it-yourself project, you knew there was a lot of learning and work ahead, but you could see the imagined end result. Now you have accomplished something new! There are a bunch of these little learning challenges along the way, but each one brings you closer to the final goal!

I have mostly been on the asking questions side but I am looking forward to getting to the point when people can ask  me questions and I can offer my assistance. It has been fun learning about others that have chosen to self publish their work for their own personal reasons. Some of these people actually chose this route, even after previously having a typical publishing contract. With either route, the author really does not make much of a profit at all, but at least with self-publishing the author has more control over the details of their work and is able to keep a bit more of the profits.

At this time, we are finalizing the details of the story and the details and design of the book.

By the way, the "I" and the "we" that I refer to are not my multiple personalities (although I am almost certain that I have those.) I am talking of myself and my aunt ( the person who actually wrote the story.)  Sometimes we work together and sometimes I do my own thing and then check in with her after. This has not been an organized effort but I am making it work...We are making it happen!

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